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Reinforce the construction (walls and ceilings) reinforced concrete, built and wooden with carbon fibres tapes (CarboDur), constituting additional outside arming the structure. Using polymer composites strengthened with fibres is one of the newest technologies, which reinforcing the existing structure is a main purpose. Composite materials serving for reinforcing engineering structures are carried out in the form of one way reinforced tapes with thicknesses about 1.2 – 1.4 mm, and breadths about 50 – 140 mm (initially saturated with the resin) or fabrics, made of arranged fibres.

Adopted system of reinforcement constitutes the method of increasing concrete, built and steel carrying capacities of the structure, which through sticking behind the aid of epoxy glue of stretched zones of structural elements of fibres from composite tapes causes increasing resistances of elements to stretching, bending, reduction in opening the scratches and reducing the bending. The system of reinforcements is characterized by low dimensions ,deadweight and a very high durability for stretching out and extremely with the high endurance, straight and fast application and the possibility of coating with mortars and painting covers.

repairs the structure of concrete and reinforced concrete, gluing cracks together in the concrete, stone and brick structures, filling up losses of concrete and empty areas, securing the reinforcement

hydro - isolation and injections protecting before permeating the damp and water by the area of walls and floors


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